Amateur Radio Roundtable Jan 15, 2019

January 12, 2019 Tom

This week, Jason Johnson, KC5HWB of HamRadio 2.0 joins us. Katie, Tom , Josh, and Dave will be talking about upcoming ham radio events, operating, and some projects. Build a motorized L-antenna tuner, and find and eliminate RFI in the shack. If you have a segment that you would like to have on our show, please contact us. Don’t forget our our 40 Meter Roundtable net at 5:30 PM Central Time on 7180 every Tues. Join us on the live show every Tues night at 8:00 PM Central time on W5KUB.COM. Phone lines and chat room are open for our viewers. We also simulcast the show audio over shortwave at 5130 KHz from a shortwave station in Maine. We invite you to joing our facebook group at