Amateur Radio Roundtable
High altitude balloon project

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Thanks to the following for their support:

1.Donald Grover KC9ZMY

2.Charles Wall WB4MYA

3.David Pulsifer W8FL

4.Jim Barnard  W8JB

5. Richard Olson  W9TIT

6. James Backus  N9JHB










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Bill Brown WB8ELK launching a pico balloon

Launch date: Feb XX,2019
Our goal is to launch a high altitude balloon weighing approx. 12 grams. Designed to fly approx. 40.000 feet in altitude in order to get above storms. It will transmit its position back every 2 minutes using WSPR. We don't know if it will be up 1 day or 1 year. Some of these balloons have managed to remain up for a year and circumnavigate the world multiple times. We will report its position and discuss it on the show each Tuesday night.