March 16, 2016 Tom

Amateur Radio Roundtable – March 22, 2016


We will be making history Tuesday night.  We plan to have Heard Island DXpedition on the show.  Live from Antartica during the operations.  No other show has had a live dxpedition from such a remote location on their show LIVE before.   Lets keep our fingers crossed that we have a successful connection with this very remote location.

Also our Tuesday show will be about ham radio in the old days. Skip Morris K5FC will be with us. Skip has been a ham for 56 years.  Tom, W5KUB, has been a ham for 52 years.  Between the two of them there is over 100 years experience.  We will also invite other old timers to call in the show.  Skip will also show a complete rebuild of a 1960 era ham radio transmitter.

Heard Island DXpedition
Heard Island DXpedition