June 23, 2016 Tom

Amateur Radio Roundtable – June 21, 2016


Astronaut Doug Wheelock, will be our guest on Amateur Radio Roundtable this Tues June 21 at 8 PM CENTRAL on w5kub.com

Doug is presently the Director of NASA in Russia and is on a 6 month assignment to Russia. He is in the famous and somewhat secretive city of Star City, Russia. Doug has been with us many times and is always very informative and interesting as he talks about his missions in space and ham radio. Doug was very popular on ham radio aboard the ISS and made thousands of contacts with many of you. Doug will be getting up at 4:00 AM local Russian time to be with us live on the show. Please help us spread the word and join us. This program is also simulcast on famous international shortwave station WBCQ on 5130 Khz. (for our international viewers the time will be 0200 UTC Wed)

Paul Braun, WD9GCO from Amateur Radio Newsline will also be joining us.



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Watch Amateur Radio Roundtable on W5KUB.com.every Tuesday night at 8:00 PM Central. (0200 UTC Wed)  This show is also simulcast on shortwave radio station WBCQ on 5130 Khz.