September 4, 2016 Tom

Amateur Radio Roundtable Tuesday, September 4, 2016



On Tuesday’s Amateur Radio Roundtable, our guest will be Chip Margelli, K7JA. Chip is known to many of our viewers from his renowned appearance on The TonightShow with Jay Leno, in which Chip and his partner demonstrated the superior efficiency of CW as compared to text messaging. A ham for over fifty years, Chip’s early interest in DXing turned into a devotion to contest operating, where he has accomplished a number of world and national high scores. His competitive experience led him to a thirty-year career at Yaesu, followed by stints at Heil Sound, CQ, InnovAntennas/Force 12, and now Ham Radio Outlet. Chip’s knowledge of ham radio, and the joy he experiences, with every new activity and each new antenna he builds, quickly spread to those around him, and it’s safe to say that there is no bigger Field Day addict than Chip Margelli. Be sure to tune in for a great discussion and photo montage of Chip’s adventures through five decades of ham radio.

Tune in 8:00 PM CT at W5KUB.COM to watch and participate in the live chat.

This show is also simulcast on international shortwave station WBCQ in Monticello, ME on 9330

Chip K7JA on the Jay Leno show.  cw vs text
Chip K7JA on the Jay Leno show. cw vs text

Chip Margelli K7JA
Chip Margelli K7JA