October 2, 2016 Tom

Amateur Radio Roundtable Tuesday, October 4, 2016



Katie WY7YL is back with us Tues Oct 4th at 8 PMCT on Amateur Radio Roundtable. Her guest will be Bob Hawkins KD5AT to discuss how ham radio is going to help our veterans with PTSD at Camp Hope. Tom will also be talking about home brewing projects, a 40 meter DSB transceiver for about $40, building, parts substitution, design, and practices. Plus hex beam construction.  Watch on W5KUB.COM 8 PMCT Tues (0100 UTC Wed) This show is also simulcast on famous international shortwave station, WBCQ, every Tues on 9330 KHz. Phone lines and chat room are open for our viewers and listeners to call in for questions.