December 29, 2017 Tom
 Please join Katie Allen, WY7YL, and Tom Medlin, W5KUB,
for a great show about new ham radio kits and the new
uBitx all band HF QRP transeiver. Ryan Flowers, W7RTL,
will show us the new semi-homebrew project built around
the uBitx and Bitx40 radios. Learn about how to construct,
learn about all the hacks and add-ons you can incorporate
into this radio. Learn where to get all the free Arduino code
that you can install for all the add-ons and changes you
can make. Joe Eisenberg, K0NEB, is back with a bunch of
new kits for the ham radio operator. Joe always reviews
some great and very interesting kits for the beginner or the
experienced builder. Send in your FCC questions to our
AskRiley segment. Riley Hollingsworth, retired from the FCC
will answer your questions . Next week we have the
Chairman of Hamvention and he will be giving some
breaking news that will be first announced on our show. Also if anyone from this group has ideas about future shows and would like to present, please contact us. Watch the show on W5KUB.COM Tues at 8 PM Central. (0200UTC Wed) We invite you to join our ham radio facebook group at