January 19, 2018 Tom
Every Tuesday at 8:00 PM Central time-watch on W5KUB.COM   Amateur Radio Roundtable  (0100 UTC Wed)
This week Emmett Hohensee, W0QH, Chief Engineer of Radiowavz, joins
us and talks antennas. Find out what antennas best fit your needs, learn
tips and secrets how to keep your antennas in tip top shape. Viewers will
be able to ask questions directly through the chat or via phone.
Don’t forget to post your shack pictures to our group so Katie can show
them on the show. Also don’t forget to send your FCC questions in to us
and have Riley Hollingsworth, K4ZDH, retired from the FCC, answer
your questions on the show.
Plus other topics. If you have something interesting and woud like
to be on a future show please contact us.