It is highly recommended that you register your name for the chat room. This protects your name so no one else can use it. At some point, without notice, we may switch the room to this mode and if you are not using a registered name, you will not be able to type in the room.  Below are the simple instructions to follow.

  1. Log into the chat room with the name you want to use. No password is needed at this point. If you don’t like the name, you can change it to whatever you like by typing:

    /nick “newname”   Replace “newname” with the name you want to use.

    example:  /nick w5kub-Tom  will change my name to w5kub-Tom

  2. Once you are in the chat with a name you want to use, type the following command:

    /msg nickserv register PASSWORD EMAIL

    Replace PASSWORD with a password you want to use and replace EMAIL  with a good working email. Hit return or enter.

  3. Now go to your email and check for a message to verify your chat account.  You will be prompted to verify the registration process. Cut and paste this command into the chatroom and hit enter.  You must log in with the exact user name that you registered.

Your user name is now registered. Each time you enter the chat room you must type the user name EXACTLY the same.  You must also enter the password you set up.  Please record your name and password somewhere where you can find it later if you need it.