Prize Rules

Who donated these prizes? All prizes were donated by vendors, manufacturers, or individuals.  No donations were used to purchase prizes.   Who is eligible to win a prize? Users must be logged into the chat room.  Registration is not required.  Some prizes are intended for licensed amateur radio operators and will be noted with the prize information.  Some prizes are intended for US residents only and must have a US address (no post office box).  This will be noted with the prize information.   Are international users eligible to win a prize? International users are eligible unless the prize states that the prize is only eligible to US residents.   Who selects the winners? Hambot is a computer generated program that randomly chooses the winners name.   Can I have multiple log-ins? Multiple log-ins are discouraged and can reduce your chances of winning.  For example: if Hambot calls W1XXX, then W1XXX should respond.  If W1XXX is also logged in as W1XXX-Bob and he tries to respond, Hambot will reject W1XXX-Bob because he is looking for W1XXX.   Why does Hambot ask users to refrain from chatting during prize giveaway? It is polite to give Hambot and potential winners your attention and it’s easier to focus on or identify the winner.  When Hambot completes a prize session, users will be notified when chatting can resume.  Users who continue to chat during prizes can be kicked out of the chat room.   Who handles discrepancies in prizes or winners? W5KUB makes all final decisions.   What do I do if Hambot called my name for a prize? If your name was called by Hambot you have one minute to respond in the chat room.  If you do not respond, Hambot will choose another winner.   Who is the official time keeper to claim a prize? Hambot!  Do not rely on the verbal time given in the video because it is delayed up to 45 seconds.  You could miss out on a prize!   If Hambot called my name and I didn’t answer in time, am I eligible to win other prizes? Yes   What is my responsibility if Hambot acknowledges that I won a prize? You must send a chat room private message to Kathy.  Your message should include the name of the prize you won, your name, call, mailing address (no PO Box), phone number, and email address.   What happens after I win a prize? Approximately ten days after Hamvention you will receive a copy of W5KUB’s email message to the prize donor.  The message will include the contact information that you provided to Kathy via the chat room.  If any information is incorrect, it is your responsibility to notify the donor and W5KUB.  Further communication should be directed to the prize donor.   When will my prize arrive? Shipment varies among donors so please be patient.   What happens if a prize is listed incorrectly? Errors can be made when a prize is listed on the prize page, Hambot’s database, or in the winner’s email confirmation.  If this happens, the winner will receive the prize that the donor intended to award.