2019 Huntsville Hamfest
Aug 17th and Aug 18th

Below you will find our webcast schedule for this event. We will not be webcasting our drive to and from Huntsville this year, as we are going early.  We hope you will tune in to W5KUB.COM for the event. We have thousands of dollars of prizes for our viewers. Please join our facebook group https://www.facebook.com/groups/w5kub/


Huntsville Space and Rocket center on Thurs Aug 15

Friday August 16, 2019

This is set up day. We will try to have a live webcast stream up most all day. We should be streaming by 9:30 AM central if all goes well. Watch us set up our booth, see others as they come by and get on camera. There will be lots of people you know that will stop by.

Saturday Aug 17, 2019

Show Day. We should have a stream up by about 8:45 AM central. Doors open at 9:00 AM. Prizes Prizes Prizes all day. See and hear from lots of people.

Sunday Aug 18, 2019

Second Show Day. Stream will be up by 8:45 AM More to see and did I say prizes, prizes, prizes? Show is over about 3 PM.

Check out the menu at top of page for Huntsville 2019 prizes.

We will not be streaming our drive down or back home during this hamfest.







Hamvention 2019 Schedule

Wednesday May 15. 2019   We will drive 550 miles from Collierville, Tennessee to Xenia, Ohio. We will stream the drive live. We hope to have the stream live about 8:30 AM CT (1230 UTC) at w5kub.com

In addition to streaming, we will have HF capability using the RigPi remote station server.  We will also have DMR and S-Star running using the IPradio MegaDV Cast.  We might start off on talk group 310.  We do have our own talk group for our show, it is 31693.  Please log in the chat room on w5kub.com to coordinate with us a contact.  We should arrive at our hotel around 6-7 PM ET (2200-2300 UTC).

Thursday May 16, 2019    This is set up day. We will be unloading the truck and setting up our booth.  We hope to have a live stream up around 9 AM (1300 UTC).  There will be lots of visitors coming by and getting on the camera this day.  It could be a lot of fun.  We will probably end the stream around 4 PM ET (2000 UTC).

Friday May 17, 2019   This is the first day of Hamvention. We expect to go live around 8:30 AM ET (1230 UTC) and run until about 5:30 PM ET (2130 UTC).  Lots of guests, and things to see. Hambot will start awarding prizes today.  Check out the prizes for Dayton 2019 on our menu, and talk to us in the chat room.

Saturday May 18th, 2019 This is the second day Hamvention.  Astronaut Doug Wheelock is joining us as a co host for the 7th year.  Watch for Josh, Katie, Martin, and Dave.  Hambot giving out lots of prizes to our online viewers.   If you want a chance to win the Comet CAA500 MkII antenna analyzer, please make your donation by midnight ET.  The CAA-500 winner will be announced around noon ET (1600 UTC). You do not have to be present in the chatroom to win it.  Also visiting with us on this afternoon is Jet Jurgensmeyer who plays Boyd Baxter on the TV show Last Man Standing.

Sunday May 19th, 2019    This is the final day Hamvention.  We should have the stream up around 8:30 AM ET (1230 UTC) until bout 3:00 PM ET (1900 UTC).  Hambot will finish awarding prizes.  After the show we will tear down the booth, pack the truck, return to our hotel, and rest after 4 days of hard work Bringing Ham Radio to You.

Monday May 20, 2019   We begin our drive back to Collierville, Tennessee at approximately 8:30 AM ET (1230 UTC) and return home around 9 hours later.  The return trip will be streamed live.  We will also be on DMR, D-Star, and HF using the remote RigPi system.