Huntsville AL Hamfest Webcast

Aug 17 th through Aug 19 th

Below you will find our webcast schedule for this event.  We will not be webcasting our drive to and from Huntsville this year, as we are going down early. We do plan to work HF and make contacts with our viewers using our remote base station. Please join our facebook group for more info on the ham fest plus the times and frequencies. We hope you will tune in to W5KUB.COM for the event.  We have thousands of dollars of prizes for our viewers.


Wednesday  Aug 15, 2018   start about 10:00 or 11:00 AM.   Its about a 4 hour drive.  I will be on HF using the remote shack system that we have been showing on our weekly show. I will be monitoring our facebook group and might try to log into our chat room on  . Watch there for info.

Thursday Aug 16, 2018 will be a rest day. We may go out to the Space Center for the day. I will also try to make HF contacts with you. 

Friday August 17, 2018  This is set up day.  We will try to have a live webcast stream up most all day. We should be streaming by 9:30 AM central if all goes well.  Watch us set up our booth, see others as they come by and get on camera. There will be lots of people you know that will stop by.

Saturday Aug 18, 2018   Show Day. We should have a stream up by about 8:45 AM central.  Doors open at 9:00 AM.  Prizes Prizes Prizes all day. See and hear from lots of people.

Sunday Aug 19, 2018  Second Show Day. Stream will be up by 8:45 AM  More to see and did I say prizes, prizes, prizes?    Show is over about 3 PM.

Monday Aug 20, 2018   This is the drive back home day.  We will probably not be in any hurry to head out but I’m guessing we should be on the road by about 10:00 or 11:00 AM Central time.  We will again make HF contacts using our remote base station during this 4 hour drive.